Artículo original por el Partido Pirata de Canadá Operation Electronic Leviathan

What Operation Electronic Leviathan is

As a response to warrantless surveillance Bill C-30, Bill C-11, SOPA, and all similar future legislation the Pirate Party of Canada is initiating Operation Electronic Leviathan. This operation aims to use mass education and promotion of encryption, privacy tools, and copyleft licensing as a means of promoting digital sovereignty. This is a free (as in freedom) operation. Copy it, make it your own, and share it with anyone.

By using encryption you can make sure that whatever you have encrypted (e.g. files, chats, etc.) cannot be read by the Harper Government, Facebook, or anyone else.

The concept of Electronic Leviathan was developed on the basis of research into a product of electronic government, ICP-Brasil. During this research the Brazilian government sought to somehow control the use of the internet as a doorway to the sort of anarchy that prevails in the world of international relations. ICP-Brasil and the Electronic Leviathan are good examples of not only the threat the Internet is under from various states, but that the Internet is a digital actualization of complete freedom and is sovereign from governments.

Programs you can use to chat and share files anonymously and privately with encryption

- Use I2P to torrent files, chat on IRC, browse internal websites (Eepsites), or anything else compatible with use inside the I2P network layer (wide compatibility), all anonymously.

- Use Tor to browse the Internet anonymously.

- Use the OTR plugin for Pidgin to encrypt chat on Facebook, MSN, IRC, AIM, and more.

- Use HTTPS Everywhere to encrypt Internet traffic whenever HTTPS is supported (Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, etc.)

- Use Truecrypt to encrypt files and partitions on M$ Windows and dm-crypt on GNU/Linux.

- Use GPG to encrypt any text or files, or add an additional layer of encryption to any other tool here.


- Setting up OTR and Pidgin

- Installing and using I2P

- Installing and using HTTPS Everywhere

- Using Truecrypt and dm-crypt

- Cell phone privacy guide (Android)

How you can help:

1. Repost images made as a part of this operation on social media sites you use. Sharing is our most powerful weapon, so spread the word!

2. Create images and information that can be distributed to teach others how to guarantee their privacy and promote digital sovereignty.

Ideas for information/imagery

- Images with install files for I2P and Tor (and other tools) compressed and hidden inside them, providing md5sums.

- Setting up full disk encryption with dmcrypt (GNU/Linux) and Truecrypt (Window$).

- Accessing various services (e.g. torrent trackers, IRC, etc.) on I2P

- Encrypting and decrypting with GPG

- Setting up a VPN connection, using either our VPN or the Swedish PP's iPredator.

- Guide for HTTPS Everywhere.

- Imagery specifically promoting this operation.

- Imagery promoting Pirate Linux

☠ See also: Pirate Linux - Your one-stop-shop for privacy and censorship circumvention ☠

Pirate Linux is a project started by a few members of the Pirate Party of Canada. The main goals are:

1. Educate the public about Pirate Party issues, and learn from their feedback.

2. Create a unified platform that Pirate Party members can use for further developments as well as communication & meetings.

3. Create a system that Pirate Party members will want to use for themselves.

4. Help people have easy access to a transparent system that allows them to exercise a strong level of free speech and privacy.

5. Give people access to useful open source content such as books, videos, software.

6. Remove peoples’ dependence on copyrighted “content”.

7. Teach people how the technology (used in OS) works.

Discussion(submit images or information you've made here):


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Gallery - Images that teach about encryption and copyleft: